Selected Articles, Blogs, Lectures & Interviews

  • Circling Back to Simchas Torah

    The Times of Israel

  • Unpacking Women's Education (Podcast)

    Unpacking Podcast

  • The Troubling Trend of Photoshopping History

    The Lehrhaus

  • Why I Don’t Miss Shul on Yom Kippur

    The Lehrhaus

  • A Traditional Revolutionary: Sarah Schenirer’s Legacy Revisited

    Jewish Action

  • Sarah Schenirer and Innovative Change: The Myths and Facts

    The Lehrhaus

  • Video: Out of the Picture (The Hamilton Rap)

    Girls' Night On! Open Mic Night, 11/18

  • This Hasidic Woman Started a Women's Torah Learning Revolution on Chanukah

    Jew In The City

  • Video: Noble Disputes: Preventing and Resolving Conflict in Your Team

    The Darrell D. Friedman Institute for Professional Development

  • Interview with Dovid Lichtenstein on Chinuch Habanos (girls’ education), (at 34:00)


  • Those Rapping Bais Yaakov Girls Are Not Weird — Or Even Surprising

    The Forward

  • Refuting Mishpacha’s fake history claim

    Times of Israel

  • Dress Codes and Uniforms as a Socialization Tool

    Society for the History of Children and Youth Blog

  • Interview with Dovid Lichtenstein on Tznius - Contemporary Shailos (at 47:15)


  • Return Jewish Education to its Rightful Prestige


  • Fixing The Damaging Messages We Are Teaching Women And Girls


  • Learning from our Past, Building our Future


  • Audio: Not a Chance: The Eternal Battle Between Yisroel and Amalek


  • Audio: Spiritual Adrenaline: The Supernatural Powers of Pesach


  • “No Candy Store, No Pizza Shops, No Maxi-Skirts, No Makeup”: Socializing Orthodox Jewish Girls Through Schooling

    The Journal of the History of Childhood and Youth

  • Interview with Orthodox Union’s Stephen Savitsky

    Savitsky Talks

  • The Rebirth of a Movement: Building Bais Yaakov on American Soil

    Hamodia/Inyan Magazine (Cover Story)